About Us

Dhammi and Ananda started Darshan Antiques in 1992. In the beginning they had only one machine. They started by selling just one peace of furniture barely managing to cover the day’s expenses. In 1994 they leased out antique business, as they could not cover the cost and switched on to fishing to earn their daily bread. However, when the lease ended a few years later they were in a position to revive their workshop. They received first bulk order from a gentleman in Colombo. There after they received more orders as Dhammi made it a point to visit every furniture shop in Colombo and introduce Darshan Antiques.

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At CHOGM Exibition 2013

Darshan Antiques are guaranteed for its quality and workmanship. A product of ours will never have various kinds of wood. We made entire product in same wood. We newer use artificial boards or other kinds of cheap wood for the drawer or partitions and the thickness of the furniture will be the same every-where. The type of wood we use is guaranteed for over one hundred years therefore no damages or reproduction.

Darshan Antiques are not only into Antiques Re-Producer but also we made.

  • Modern Furniture.
  • Creative Wood Carvings.
  • Every thing done in Timber. (Eg:- Doors/Windows/ Door & Window Frames/ Stair case/ Roof).
  • If you give us a sketch or a photograph our magicians at the shop will make it exact like that.
  • Colonial Dutch Antiques.

There are fifteen youngsters working at the Darshan Antiques workshop. Most of our workers are professional out of them the capability of carving is inherited from their parents.

Darshan Antiques never had complaints from the customers. If you wont made beautiful and best quality furniture contact us. We are willing to give our best service for you.

Our Mission

"To Design and Manufacture Colonial Dutch Antiques from Sri Lanka to Export Market."

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